February 2020 Carnival Bookings

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When schools go back to school, their swimming carnivals also come to Gladstone! See below the following closures due to bookings for February.

Please view Gladstone’s lane availability and Mount Larcom’s before your next visit to confirm what is available to the public.

February Bookings:
  • Wednesday 5th: 6pm-7pm (50m – Club night).
  • Friday 7th: 7am-2:30pm (50m – Carnival) & 9am-1pm (25m).
  • Tuesday 18th: 8am-3:30pm (50m – Carnival).
  • Wednesday 19th: 9am-1:00pm (50m – Carnival) & 12pm-2pm (25m).
  • Wednesday 26th: 7:30am-2:45pm (50m – Carnival) & 12pm-2pm (25m).

We apologise in advance for any inconveniences.