Join Our Free Infant Swimming Lessons!


We are hosting free infant swimming lessons, Splash Time, at Gladstone Aquatic Centre. These sensory-based classes are designed for babies up to 4 months of age as an introduction to the pool in a fun and nurturing environment.

Swimming is not only important for water safety but also helps your child’s development, improves coordination, balance and muscle development while also providing socialisation. See below our favourite tips for water familarisation at home until you join in on one of our lessons!

  • Bath time should be relaxing and enjoyable, pick a time when your baby is happy, not tired or hungry.
  • Allow your baby to explore the bath, moving and investigating the environment.
  • Enjoy showers with your baby, this is a different environment and allows water to run freely over the head and face.
  • Ensure your home is safe all around, remove buckets or containers of water.
  • Never leave your baby unsupervised.
  • Introduce the “Name 1, 2, 3” step process, then gently pour the water.
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